Radcon #7 Low Cost Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Bridge Decks

Bridge Decks are an area where Radcon #7 comes into its own.  Radcon #7 has been applied to millions of square meters of bridge decks worldwide.  The reason specifiers choose Radcon #7 is a combination of simplicity, effectiveness, efficiency and to lower risk. The traditional system of using a membrane under asphalt is inherently risky.  With heavy equipment often used to prepare and lay hot ashphalt the chance of damage to the waterproofing is unacceptably high.  Once damaged the potential for delamination is also high.  Using Radcon #7 eliminates these risks.  Using Radcon Formula #7 of bridge decks is faster, safer and better. 

Key Benefits on Bridges are

  • No risk of damage by heavy equipment
  • No loss of adhesion with ashphalt
  • Long Term performance - no maintenance
  • Fast - Enabling shorter constuction timetables
  • Economical - Large saving is labour costs
  • Proven - Hundreds of bridge project completed


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