Product Description
Radguard is a penetrating water repellent for use where wind driven rain is a problem in porous facades and walls built in concrete, render, brick, block or porous natural stones. It uses an advanced water based alkyl silane/siloxane blend which provides excellent all-round water repellency and durability.  The product is water based and safe to use.  The silane penetrates deeply into pores and capillaries and the siloxane stays nearer the surface and enables a pronounced "beading" effect. 

Key benefits

  • High Durability
  • Water Beading effect
  • Non-flammable and safe to use
  • High Vapour Transmission Rates allows out-gassing
  • Reduces mould & algae growth
  • Colourless

Low Grade Concrete
Cement Render

Porous natural stone

How does it work?
Radguard is a water based  Silane/Siloxane blend.  The unique characterists of these compounds are they are a hybrid organic/inorganic material.  The inorganic backbone (Silicone-Oxygen) is chemically stable, highly durable, UV stable and has a very strong affinity to the mineral substrates.  The organic (Carbon containing) component provides the excellent water repellency.  Working together silane/siloxane materal line the pores and capillaries of the substrate and prevent water absorbtion but do not prevent the movement of water vapour. 

Chemical Structure

In action