Radcon Formula #7 prevents chloride ingress at European port

When the wharf at the Port of Koper in Slovenia was expanded in 2006, part of the original concrete surface was left untreated, part was coated with a sealer and part with Radcon Formula #7. By 2014 it was found that the Radcon treated areas were still completely undamaged whilst the other areas had deteriorated badly.


Radcon Formula #7 prevents chloride ingress and increases concrete hardness at Koper port in Slovenia

6,000 square metres

Marine Site Reference

A look at some of the older marine projects applied with Radcon Formula #7.

 Older Marine Projects

Older marine projects.


Marina, Trinidad

This marina was waterproofed with one of our competitor's products which failed after 3 years resulting in chloride ion attack.  Dover was asked to repair the both top and underside of the marina.  The slabs were sandblasted to remove any previous products, barnacles, etc.  All areas were then washed with fresh water and treated with Radcon #7, providing watertight seal and steel reinforcement protection to date.

APPLICATOR:  Dover Waterproofing Technologies Ltd

Wharf areas waterproofed with Radcon #7.

500 square metres

Tobago Sea Wall, Trinidad

This historic sea wall in Trididad has now been protected by Radcon Formula # 7 and applied by Dover Waterproofing Technologies Ltd, Radcrete's exclusive distributor in this territory.

With Radcon Formula # 7 protecting it from the ingress of salt, water and pollutants it will certainly give an increased lifespan to this iconic landmark.

CONTRACTOR:  Tobago House of Assembly
APPLICATOR:  Dover Waterproofing Technologies Ltd

Radcon Formula # 7 protects sea wall from corrosion.

1,000 square metres

Mina Al Ahmadi Oil Refinery, Kuwait

As a part of the Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery upgrade, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company is adding a new oil pier to its extensive production line.

Hyundai Engineering presented the lowest bid of $326.5 million in a tender for the construction of the new facility and won the contract on 27 September 2000.

It is replacing the sough piers and is about 2km long with up to six births to handle a variety of products including gasoil/diesel, naphtha, kerosine, butane and propane.

Hyundai Engineering utilises Radcon #7.

7,500 square metres

Petrobras Brazil


Radcon protects the Petrobras LNG Terminal in Barra do Riacho from attack from the harsh marine environment.

3,000 square metres

Sowwah Island Sea Wall

RADCON #7 protects the new Abu Dhabi CBD on Sowwah Island

Sowwah Island, a 105 hectare development situated between Abu Dhabi Island, Al Reem Island and Mina Zayed, is quickly taking shape to become the country’s new Central Business and Financial District.

This massive project, designed to accommodate a 75,000 strong workforce and house 30,000 residents, is currently well into construction of Phase 1.

Sea Wall protects the new Abu Dhabi CBD

7,500 square metres


Waterproofing Concrete for Life.

Capillary Waterproofing System 

Water repellent for porous concrete

For concrete hardening and dustproofing